Designed the logo and the online shop for Woodberg. An online retailer for high quality natural grooming products.
Go visit their shop here.


The berlin-based creative blog Ignant asked me to do an interview, where I had do draw the answers to their questions.
You can see the whole interview here.


The second store by asphaltgold is called AGC. The last letter 'C' not only stands for Club, but also for Charity or Crew.

Go visit their shop here.

While this store is mostly for contemporary streetwear, it can also be used as a display location for special released or events.

Customers can also buy highly limited sneakers for less than the average resale price, and the margin will be donated.


Product shots with mostly on-feet sneaker shootings for the sneaker store asphaltgold. Go visit their shop here.


Vera Burbulla is a german interior
architect based in Darmstadt.

The cut outs between the light and the bold typeface refers to a ground plan.

The different versions will be adapted on business cards or letterheads.


Barcelona based magazine 'Perdiz' asked me for the second time now, to illustrate some some of their stories.


The opera house in Frankfurt started a program called "Pegasus" for children to get in contact with classic music. The kids can dance, act, sing, play and make music by their own (learning by doing).

I painted some watercolor illustrations for the poster and the magazin.

The client was hauser lacour for Alte Oper Frankfurt.

Design/layout by hauser lacour. Photographie by becker lacour.


The discovered fragments, shown in this book are estimated to be approximately 3,5 billion years old.
All of the discovered fragments originate from this planet, however, some of the rock samples, which were found inside the capsule are twice as old as Earth itself.

It is assumed that we are dealing with time travel here.
Through its presence in the past, the time traveler retroactively changed the original evolution of our earth.

A parallel universe was created - ours.

The book has more than 300 pages and about 140 Illustrations.


A small poster with illustrations, which you can hardly describe with words.

By adding diffrent items together in an unusual manner, the viewer gets distracted.

500 copies printed on a Risograph.


Each element of a Nike Air Max 1 shoe (except the sole) cut out and engraved from root wood with a laser.

Free postcardprint available at asphaltgold.


A typeface that can be transformed into a coded typeface. A coded letter is build out of the same parts as an uncoded letter. Every letter of the typeface has a curve.

The rules for the coded letters are easy. They should fit into the grid of the normal letter. They should be at least taller than wide. The shape should be closed.

watch (fullview recommended).


A book about typographic stamps in the netherlands. Since 2007, the netherlands have a new system that actual doesn't show the value of the stamp in eurocents.

The book contains texts and stamps about Jan van Krimpen, Wim Crouwel, Hansje van Halem and a stamp concept of me.


I was inspired by a 3D lookalike typeface. Taking away parts of the letter, made it look destroyed. It became a typeface out of trapezium modules.


A social critical campaign, that uses stickers, which should be placed on ad's or billboards. It refers to our behaviour with the internet and smartphones.


A game for a smartphone. My idea is simple. Technical objects fall in midair, while they rotate. The player presses a button and the object lands on the ground. If the object falls on a sensitive edge, it will break and you get to the next level. The object gets larger with every level.

The player starts with a light bulb, a mobile phone, a camera, a washing machine, up to a space shuttle. If the object lands on a flat side or edge which is not sensitive enough, he gets a new attempt. There is no time limit.

Play the demo here.


For the graduands of summer 2011 from the Faculty of Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt i did this large-format magazin.

It shows a surreal drawing of the student in relation to his degree-topic. All illustrations are hand-drawn. 700 free copies were handed out.

watch (fullview recommended).


Instead of portraying that kids suffer of physical inactivity by diagrams and statistics, I tried to show it through funny and absurd illustrations. The reason for this inactivity can not only be found in

wrong parenting or videogames but also in the growing displacement of playgrounds by city- and street building projects.

watch (fullview recommended).


One week, ten commandments, nine students and basically one room. For this workshop we travelled to Savergne, a small rural village in the east of France. We came there because of it’s solitude which helped us to work effective and concentrated. We were told to draw, illustrate, photograph

or type ten things to each one of the commandments like for example "Honor your father and your mother". After the seven days we had collected about 900 ideas, which were all meant to be printed in one book.


During an eight days workshop by Dan Reynolds (, it was all about stencil-lettering. The aim was not to create a whole typeface, but only a few letters to practice.

My finished stencils were not flat, but rather three dimensional. This created the fade-effect while spraying.


"Es sind vierzig" was the theme of the catalog and exhibition for the graduands of winter 2010 from the Faculty of Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt. The photo on the cover is not the prettiest, but has it warrant. It shows the entrance of our faculty, which is now

under construction and will be rebuild. The catalog has a japanese binding and is perforated on one side. If you dare, you can open it, and explore some of the works, originated during the graduand's time in university. It also has the feature to see a portait of each student as a freshman and

one after he graduated. It was a teamwork project with Alexander Brade and Mari Babic. 350 copies sold.

H_____ & G_____

Illustrations to the fable »Hänsel und Gretel«. Ambiguous passages in the text were my inspiration for the pictures.

I did not permit myself to paint my pictures new, so marker and Tipp-Ex became my stylistic elements.


Information brochure about 'swine-flu' (H1N1).This brochure shows an insight view about the consequences and the measures that take action against the spreading of the flu.

One statistic shows the counting number of infested and deceased people. While the other shows the dwindling attention of the flu in the news by the start of the media hype.


This book contains parts of different texts by authors which deal with 'the end of the world'. A scenario about an accident at an atomic power plant and the consequences, is just one example.

Each chapter in the book has its own layout and type. The cover (textile) is refined with silkscreen.



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